Sometimes small and subtle symbols become icons, and the story behind the Ingrid-ribbon is based on one of these symbols. The Ingrid-ribbon was created to remind us of the true reasons why we celebrate our national day – May 17th. A day to recognize the importance and fragility of freedom, democracy and Unity. 

The History 

During the occupation of Norway, 1940-45, all national symbols were banned by the Nazis. A reaction to this ban was to create subtle symbols of unity and one of those symbols was to place a paper clip on the lapel of your jacket. The paper clip symbolized “keeping together” against the occupying force – it was a simple but very powerful message.

In 2018, designer Hanna Høiness revisited the reasons why we celebrate our democracy and freedom. Although the children parades of May 17th are a unique and wonderful way to celebrate Norway’s Independence and Constitution of 1814, perhaps some of the true values and our unique privileges have been forgotten? Are we taking our democracy for granted? Hanna decided to invite Industrial designer and Copywriter Bjørn Bye to explore the issues further.



Throughout 2018, the two designers worked together and re-actualize the symbol that kept Norway united during occupation and war. They also worked closely with several local manufacturing companies to achieve the unique quality of the Ingrid-ribbon.

Freedom in three elements

Ingridsløyfen Silver with pin 890 nok

Binders (Paperclip): The designers have re-created the paperclip in 925 sterling silver, and it is attached to the ribbon beautifully contrasting the dark blue color. It is also available gold plated for a truly unique and exclusive expression. Currently the designers are working on extending the Ingrid-collection using the paper-clip as the main element, creating unique every day jewelry to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Nazi liberation in 2020. This collection will be released late 2019.

Fjell (Mountain) – Norway has a dramatic and beautiful mountain landscape. Nature inspire us and define the soul of everyone that lives in Norway. To us – mountains are freedom! The designers used the contours building mountain elevation in a map and designed “Fjell”. In collaboration with Opro Norske Emaljesmykker the pin “Fjell” is beautifully handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and enamel. “Fjell” is also available gold-plated.

Sløyfen (Ribbon) – The Norwegian flag is extremely important to Norwegians. We proudly fly our flag celebrating all occasions – big and small. The ribbon is classic in shape and color and represents the Norwegian flag – that we proudly carry every 17th of May – and Ingrid-ribbon is hand-sewn in high quality materials and made to last.

A meaningful collaboration

After the launch of “Ingridsløyfen” in 2019, the designers were contacted by Gunnar Sønsteby’s Memorial Fund. Sønsteby was leading the Norwegian Resistance during World War II and is our highest decorated war hero. After his death,  the Memorial Fund was created with the mission to protect and raise awareness about the fragile freedom and democratic values. We are extremely proud to collaborate with Gunnar Sønsteby’s Memorial Fund and our shared mission to work for a more peaceful and inclusive democracy.

Take a stand on Unity

Unity and community are often defined by common values even though we are  all different people. For many it means feeling safe – a sense of belonging and place in this world, and this is the goal of the Ingrid-ribbon – be a symbol of belonging and inclusion.

The story of the Ingrid-ribbon makes it a special and lasting gift to celebrate baptismes, communions / konfirmasjon, weddings or birthdays, and it’s the perfect gift for “the one who has everything.”

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